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*NEW* K9 Online Shop – Buy your Hydrobaths and Spares online

K9 Hydrobath Online Shop


K9 are excited to announce the launch of their brand new online shop. Now customers are able to purchase the K9 Hydrobaths, Spare parts for all the Hydrobaths and K9 Mobile Dog Grooming Conversions, Dog Grooming Dryers and Dog Grooming Tables all from the comfort of their own home.

The winter will bring plenty of exciting new products and offers so check the site out now

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Big discounts up to 30% to celebrate the brand new addition to the K9 Hydrobath range

 K9 Mobile Grooming Supplies are proud to announce the newest addition to their Hydrobath range “The K9 Standard AF”

The K9 Standard Hydrobath AF has the Autofill Hydrobath system with two tanks (a sealed holding tank & a wash tank), and there is a lever at the front of the bath which allows you to alternate between the Holding tank and the Wash tank. The holding tank will automatically re-fill and re-heat the water each time you use it.

This Hydrobath comes with wheels making it easy to move the bath around over smooth and uneven surfaces. The tank would be temporarily connected to a cold water feed and suitable drainage, and would provide a continuous supply of temperature controlled water. Ideal for domestic and salon use, but could also be used for Mobile Grooming.

A Hydrobath combines a bathtub with a shower bather by using a recirculating pump to produce a high volume mix of water and shampoo, delivered powerfully enough to penentrate the thickest coats, and yet gently enough to massage the skin – all in the fraction of the time taken by normal bathing methods. The high strength fibreglass hydrobath tub is suitable for all sizes and breeds from Maltese Terriors to Great Danes and there is no mess to clean up after bath time or Dogs running away from the hose or bucket – the Hydrobath keeps both the Dog and the water suitably contained.

To celebrate the launch of this fantastic model, K9 are offering up to 30% off all Hydrobaths, check our their website for more details or contact the helpful sales team on 01323 743666.

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The Importance of Dog Grooming

Every dog needs grooming. A healthy, clean coat is often the indication of a healthy, happy dog – indeed, a lack of grooming can even lead to health problems over time. Grooming should therefore be a routine part of the health care of your dog. Studies have shown that regular grooming can also reduce stress and blood pressure for both you and your dog, and can aid bonding.

Basic Aspects of Dog Grooming

Brushing is perhaps the most important aspect dog grooming. All dog owners should possess a soft slicker brush and a medium comb, and all dog owners should brush their dogs weekly (or more, depending on coat type). Teeth cleaning should also be part of a weekly grooming routine, and you should also check your dog’s nails and ears. In addition to this, all dogs ideally need yearly visits to a professional groomer (although many dogs will need monthly professional grooming), who can check thoroughly for fleas, ticks, grass seeds or anything else that you might have missed, as well as tidy and clean the coat. They can also “blow out” the coat in moulting season, meaning your dog will shed less in your home.

Canine Coat Types

Before taking home a new dog, it is vital that potential dog owners research coat types, and consider the type of grooming different breeds of dog require. There are two main canine coat types:

Double coats are made up of a top coat of long guard hairs that are usually water repellent, and an undercoat of fleecy downy hair to keep the dog warm. These coats shed heavily twice a year, although dogs with a double coat can moult all year round if they live in a centrally heated house. This type of coat needs grooming a few times a week (daily during their moulting season) with a slicker brush and a shedding rake. Labradors, German Shepherds and Huskies all have double coats.

Single coats are made up of a single top coat of hair that may or may not be water repellent. These dogs generally shed less, and need less grooming than double coated breeds. This type of coats needs grooming once a week with a soft pin and/or a slicker brush. French Bulldogs and Greyhounds have single coats.

There are also a number of sub-categories of dog coat that are classified by the texture. These sub-categories are:

Smooth coats. These coats are made up of short hairs that lie against the skin. These dogs need gentle weekly grooming with a Jelly Scrubber to remove loose hair and promote the dog’s circulation. Dalmatians and Whippets are smooth coated breeds.

Wire coats. These can be single or double coated and feel coarse to the touch. This type of coat needs brushing twice a week with a curry comb. They can also need hand stripping by a professional groomer on occasion. Most Terriers have wiry coats.

Woolly coats. These fluffy, soft coats require a lot of maintenance and grooming. They are non-shedding, so they can need daily brushing with a slicker brush to loosen hair and prevent/remove any tangles and mats. Dogs with this coat will also need regular trips to the groomer for clipping. Poodles and Bichons have woolly coats.

Silky coats. These coats have soft, long-ish fur that needs regular bushing to prevent tangles. Use a pin brush twice a week to tease out any tangles, then follow with a bristle brush to add shine. These dogs also need trips to a professional groomer from time to time to tidy the coat, and some breeds will need to be professionally hand-stripped. Spaniel dogs have silky coats.

Corded coats. These dogs have thick, long hair that essentially forms into dreadlocks. Dogs with corded coats are quite rare, and need specific home and professional grooming. Pulis and some Poodles have corded coats.

A Note for Professional Groomers

If you are a professional groomer, it is vital that you outline to clients the importance of breed and coat research. As professional groomers you have a wealth of knowledge on the subject which your customer may not, so it is suitable to offer advice where necessary. Remember, some dog owners may not know how often they should brush their dog’s coat or take them to the groomers, especially if they are a new dog owner.

As an authority on dog grooming, you can offer clients a detailed routine for grooming their dog at home, as well as recommend products they could use. You could even show customers how to approach simple home grooming task such as nail clipping, ear cleaning or brushing techniques.


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Many are still puzzled about what Hydrobaths really are and how they can help in taking better care of dogs. Some may even see it as a piece of indulgent equipment, since bathing dogs can easily be done with a water hose and a friendly soap, depending on the needs of the dog’s coat.

However, what you should know is that Hydrobathing is one good way to take best care and pamper your dogs as it works magnificently as a grooming method with so many other benefits that your pet dog can take advantage of. To help you unlock the mystery over these equipments, here are some commonly asked questions along with the needed facts.

A Hydrobath is a combination bathtub and power bather that uses a specially designed recirculation pump. This pump produces a high volume mix of water and shampoo delivered…

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Call us on 01323 743666 or visit for more details on how K9 Mobile Grooming Supplies can put your dreams in motion.

Top 10 Grooming Products

Grooming your dog or cat is now part of many owners daily routines; in fact many people spend more time making their pets look beautiful than they do on themselves.

We have compiled a list of our Top 10 grooming products from a range available at Love Pets.

We hope this list will be helpful for you if you are currently planning on extending your grooming products range, or even if you are just looking to try something new out on your pet.

You can learn more about the products and purchase any of them by clicking on the product links which will take you to the relevant pages.

1. Groom-It Deshedding Tool – £14.99 or Extra Large – £19.99

The Groom-It Deshedding Tool is one of the most popular, effective and essential products on our website.

It takes off so much loose, dead fur, with absolutely no discomfort for your pet at all, and will leave them with a beautiful, shiny, healthy coat.

This product is available in two sizes and is suitable for both cats and dogs.

2. Deluxe 12 Piece Clipper Set with FREE Spray – £27.45

This is a great collection of clipping and trimming items that will help make what can be an awkward job into a much easier and enjoyable one.

The varied length trimmers that are in this set means that it will cater for all breeds and all areas of the animal’s body that you wish to tidy up.

The set includes a high quality brush and a Crystal Gleam Coat Shine Spray to add the final touches to your pet’s mini makeover.

3. Furminator – Small £24.99, Medium – £29.99 or Large – £39.99

The Furminator is another excellent grooming product that removes loose hair and reduces shedding by up to 90%!

It helps bring out your pet’s natural oils when it is being used as well as reducing the likelihood of allergic reactions or infections that may be caused within the dead hair.

The Furminator is available in three different sizes, so you can judge on the size of your pet which one will be best suited to your needs.

4. Wahl Complete Grooming Kit – £36.45

The Wahl Complete Grooming Kit contains everything you need to give your pet a trim.

It is suitable for dogs of all sizes and will help you to create a healthier and more stylish looking pooch. The package is superbly priced at just £36.45, which is great value and includes the attractive grooming bag as well.

The kit is light, small and quiet which is ideal for nervous animals and can be used for trimming the face, ears and paws.

5. Twinpack Yumega Dog x2 250ml – £19.99

This product has been developed to help maintain a dog’s healthy skin and coat.

It provides your dog with the essential natural oils to reduce moulting, improve dry and flaky skin and improve coat condition.

14 out of the 21 Crufts finalists are users of this product, which highlights just how effective it is in ensuring dogs look at their best!

6. Moult Master – £12.00

The Moult Master is another popular grooming product that is highly effective in removing dead and loose hair from the coat.

7. Animology Shampoo Set – £12.49

The Animology Shampoo Set contains three great products; the Dirty Dawg, Stink Bomb and the Animology Dogs Body.

These products are suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds and are high quality items that will be sure to keep your dog fully clean and hygienic.

8. Mikki Nail Clippers – £9.99

Every dog owner needs a good pair of nail clippers these days and this pair from Mikki is one of the best on offer.

These clippers are very easy to use and ensure that even dogs that can be a bit edgy when having their nails clipped are put at ease.
The clippers are available in different sizes and even the large set are priced at under £10 at

9. Yumega Plus for Sensitive/Itchy Skin 250ml – £9.69

Another superb product from Yumega is this which is specifically designed for dogs with itchy or sensitive skin.
It contains a natural blend of Omega 3 and 6 oils from cold pressed golden flax starflower and fresh salmon oil.

This product is proven to be effective and it won’t take long for signs of improvement to show if you use this product correctly.

10. ByoFresh Evening Primrose Grooming Pack – £15.99

The ByoFresh Grooming Pack contains a number of innovative products, including shampoos, sprays and wipes.

They all contain a revolutionary new disinfectant called Byotrol, which has the unique characteristics of being powerful, long lasting, but still gentle enough to use on your pet.

The pack contains 2 x Dog Grooming Wipe Packs, 1 x 350ml Evening Primrose Dog Shampoo, 1 x 125ml Evening Primrose Deodorising Spray and 1 x 500ml Stain and Odour Remover.

Important information on buying a genuine Hydrobath

The Hydrobath was introduced in the 1980’s in the state of Southern Australia. It is a complete unit combination bathtub and power bather that uses a specially designed recirculation pump. This pump produces a high volume mix of water and shampoo delivered powerfully enough to penetrate the thickest coats, yet gently enough to massage the skin. All in the fraction of the time taken by normal bathing methods. The high strength fibreglass Hydrobath tub is suitable for all sizes and breeds from Maltese Terriers to Great Danes and there is no mess to clean up after bath time or Dogs running away from the hose or bucket – the Hydrobath keeps both Dog and water suitably contained.
Is it a genunine Hydrobath?
The Hydrobath works by spraying a powerful, jet of warm water over your dog using a conventional shower head at the rate of 35 litres per minute. The shampoo solution is added to the water in the collection tank (sump) prior to the water being released. This mixes with the water and is sprayed at the same high pressure, to allow the whole solution to fully penetrate the dog’s coat and onto the skin where most problems occur.

There are some suppliers who claim that their product is a Hydrobath when they do not use a pump that is capable of delivering such shower pressure. Always ask about the shower pressure and if you can go and view the bath for yourself.

Did a reputable company manufacture the Hydrobath?

Check that a reputable company has manufactured the Hydrobath, below we have listed the main suppliers of genuine Hydrobaths, be wary if where you are buying the Hydrobath is not listed as this could mean it is not a genuine Hydrobath.

K9 Mobile Grooming Supplies (Manufactured and sold in UK)
Red Cape – Fido’s (Manufactured in Australia and sold in the UK)
Commura Hydrobaths – Fido’s (Manufactured in Australia)
Savel (Manufactured and sold in Australia)
The Barf Shop (Manufactured and sold in Australia)
The Melbourne Dog Centre (Manufactured and sold in Australia)
Perfect Paws (Manufactured and sold in Australia)

Is there a warranty and returns Policy?

A reputable supplier of Hydrobaths will offer a Warranty of up to 12 months and a Returns Policy, if the supplier you are buying the bath from does not offer this then it is sensible to question as to why this is the case and if a warranty and returns policy is still not offered then do not purchase the Hydrobath.

What are the payment terms?

If you are buying the Hydrobath through an auction site, such as eBay ensure that the seller will accept Paypal or Credit Cards. This means that you are protected throughout the transaction. If you transfer cash, make a bank transfer or send a cheque you are not covered for if the Hydrobath gets lost, the seller disappears or you are unhappy with the final product.

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Why you should choose a K9 Grooming Van over a DIY Conversion

Your Mobile Grooming Van is the result of 10 years experience of manufacturing the K9 Professional conversion. We have supplied approximately 150 units to the UK, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, France, Malta and Cyprus. Fundamental to the design is the fibreglass lining which provides a completely watertight “wetroom” environment and ensures there is no premature rusting of the van from the inside, and, of course, the famous K9 Hydrobath.

Electricity and water are a dangerous combination. We provide a safe working environment with natural light and fresh air. Our unique electrical consumer box ensures that you, your customer and your customer’s dog are protected from any electrical fault or malfunction.

The high standard of our workmanship and the selection of the very best equipment will ensure a long working life for your Grooming Van.

You need to be confident that your Grooming Van will not let you down, so we only choose the best vehicles and the high standard of build ensures that “lost” working days are kept to a minimum.

A professionally converted van by K9 Grooming provides the opportunity to charge more for your services. Some of our customers are averaging £50 per visit and comfortably earning £50,000 per annum.

A K9 Grooming Van Conversion on a 3 year old van will cost £25,000 including VAT, and the investment can be repaid in less than a year, so why compromise and settle for second best!!

This is probably one of the most valuable reasons why you should not buy a DIY conversion. A K9 van comes with a 12 month warranty and we are always here with a helping hand if something goes wrong, the risk when buying a DIY conversion is that if something goes wrong you may not be able to get in touch with the person you bought it from, we on the other  hand are not going anywhere! We always endeavor to fix any problem as quickly as we possibly can to avoid your van being off the road any longer than it needs to be.

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