Why you should choose a K9 Grooming Van over a DIY Conversion

Your Mobile Grooming Van is the result of 10 years experience of manufacturing the K9 Professional conversion. We have supplied approximately 150 units to the UK, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, France, Malta and Cyprus. Fundamental to the design is the fibreglass lining which provides a completely watertight “wetroom” environment and ensures there is no premature rusting of the van from the inside, and, of course, the famous K9 Hydrobath.

Electricity and water are a dangerous combination. We provide a safe working environment with natural light and fresh air. Our unique electrical consumer box ensures that you, your customer and your customer’s dog are protected from any electrical fault or malfunction.

The high standard of our workmanship and the selection of the very best equipment will ensure a long working life for your Grooming Van.

You need to be confident that your Grooming Van will not let you down, so we only choose the best vehicles and the high standard of build ensures that “lost” working days are kept to a minimum.

A professionally converted van by K9 Grooming provides the opportunity to charge more for your services. Some of our customers are averaging £50 per visit and comfortably earning £50,000 per annum.

A K9 Grooming Van Conversion on a 3 year old van will cost £25,000 including VAT, and the investment can be repaid in less than a year, so why compromise and settle for second best!!

This is probably one of the most valuable reasons why you should not buy a DIY conversion. A K9 van comes with a 12 month warranty and we are always here with a helping hand if something goes wrong, the risk when buying a DIY conversion is that if something goes wrong you may not be able to get in touch with the person you bought it from, we on the other  hand are not going anywhere! We always endeavor to fix any problem as quickly as we possibly can to avoid your van being off the road any longer than it needs to be.


2 thoughts on “Why you should choose a K9 Grooming Van over a DIY Conversion

  1. amanda langard says:

    please could you send me further details of your vans and do you do rentals too please?

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