Three Recession Proof Pet Jobs For Animal Lovers

Are you an animal lover looking for a recession-proof job? Then check out these three great oportunities that put you working one-on-one with pets.

When it comes to spending habits, We lavish money on our pets, spending over £4 billion on pet services. As a result, pet jobs for animal care and service workers are expected to outpace other sectors by some considerable margin.

For those who love animals and want to cash in on caring for the cute and cuddly, here are three in-demand, pet jobs. Most don’t require formal job training and allow you to set your own hours and work schedule.

These pet jobs also offer low-cost initial investment, and to find out if pet jobs fit into your future, read on.



Pet Sitter

Professional pet sitters care for pets in the pets’ own homes, giving them water, food, and attention once or twice daily for about an hour at a time while their owners are away. Some sitters even provide overnight stays.

Income potential: Pet sitters usually charge hourly per-visit fees. Holidays and summer months are the busiest seasons, with early morning and late evening hours typical for these pet jobs. Typical charges are £13 per hour and more for pets who have special needs and workload can vary from 5 to 25 pets per week.

Startup costs: Because you are entering someone’s home and are responsible for their pet 24/7 while the owners are away, we strongly recommend pet-sitting insurance. Others costs include a reliable car, fuel, pet treats and toys.

Dog Walker

Dog walkers typically work — and walk — six to eight hours per day, with one or more dogs. Some also offer obedience training.

Income potential: Dog walkers can earn £10-20 per hour depending on their services, so potential earnings can easily reach £20-30,000 per year.

Startup costs: Startup costs for these pet jobs are extremely low and would include pet insurance, a vehicle, and, if needed, some marketing and education.



Pet Groomer

Groomers get Fido and Fifi looking dapper (yes, there are cat groomers, too) through combing, bathing, nail-cutting and shearing. You can operate either from your home, a Salon or a Mobile Grooming Van using the K9 Hydrobath to provide the most efficient and effective bathing solution. K9 Mobile Grooming Supplies manufactures Fully Equiped Grooming Vans and a range of Hydrobaths to suit all needs and pockets.

Income potential: Pay is £30,000 to £50,000 per year, even based on charges at the low end, from £15 to £30 per groom, eight to 10 dogs per day, five days a week. To see if you want to become a self-employed groomer, why not try working for someone else first in pet jobs such as bathers or combers.

Startup costs: Groomers can operate out of their own home, a shop or a mobile grooming van. Costs for basic grooming supplies and home modifications, such the K9 Hydrobath, Grooming Tables and Dryers, are minimal. Starting your own shop costs £30,000 to £100,000, and a fully fitted Mobile Grooming Van is £25,000. Other costs would include pet insurance, and, if needed, some marketing and some education.

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4 thoughts on “Three Recession Proof Pet Jobs For Animal Lovers

  1. Rachel says:

    I have a diploma in dog grooming, which has provided me with extensive knowledge of how to groom different dogs; but where can I find a cheap dog grooming course that offers practical experience? I have found some courses but all of which have extended far beyond a thousand pound, some thousands of pounds. Please help me… Your comments would be much appreciated

  2. Alan higgins says:

    Hello really love working with animals but I offer pet transport as well as dog walking but I don’t get much work for transport and no enquiries for dog walking yet either I would like to do dog walking full time if not transport but I have a full time job as well 9-5 how can I start the dog walking around this I don’t want to leave my job nothing’s happens any suggestions. Regards alan

    • Alan higgins says:

      Hello I would love to steer a dog walking business but I also work full time as well 8-4 any suggestions how to get around this as I don’t want to give my job up and nothing happens regards alan

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